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Vordere Zollamtstrasse 7

Facts and Figures
Company Prajo & Co GmbH
Principal Arge Vordere Zollamtstrasse 7
Location Vienna - Austria
Type Demolition
Runtime 09.2016 - 10.2017

The art of demolition – revitalising the Arts University.

At the very heart of Vienna, Prajo & Co worked on the partial demolition of Vienna’s University of Music and Performing Arts. Even for our experienced demolition pros, this posed two major challenges. Firstly, the university’s listed facade had to be protected. Secondly, the construction work was subject to strict precautions due to its proximity to the U4 subway tunnel. The specialists at Prajo & Co delivered peak performance on the demolition site, working to a tight schedule in a confined space.

To ensure preservation of the facade, they installed grouted anchors in the building’s listed external walls. A 70t piece of demolition equipment – the largest in the Prajo & Co machine park – was manoeuvred into position in the inner courtyard through a specially made opening

The demolition team also fitted special sensors in the U4 subway tunnel, which measured tremors and deformations in walls and tracks, and triggered an alarm when movement greater than 2mm was detected. Despite these complicated, constrained conditions, our team completed the demolition project to the customer’s complete satisfaction and, above all, did so on schedule.