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Professional and environmentally friendly.

Gutting buildings is a key focus of Prajo & Co’s services. With our comprehensive range of services, we have the right solution to meet the growing demand for building repurposing, renovation and modernisation.

Our service spectrum ranges from dismantling non-load-bearing elements and interior walls to the removal of floor structures such as parquet floors, screed and textile flooring. We are also experts in removing damp courses and sealing sheets as well as in demolishing entire heating, ventilation and sanitary installations. Upon request, we can also remove electrical and cooling systems.

We have become specialists in successfully and dependably fulfilling our customers’ wishes in Vienna and the surrounding region. Our highly qualified employees approach each and every project with commitment and offer individual consultancy.

Environmental awareness and resource conservation are always of central importance. Our professionals see to it that construction debris is recycled and, once a building has been gutted, ensure that any residual materials are recycled accordingly. And, of course, we dispose of anything left over in a professional, environmentally friendly manner.

Your contact for building gutting.

Costing Management Niko Josipovic