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Partial and complete demolition

Demolition with one eye on the bigger picture.

As well as gutting buildings and internal demolition, we also offer partial and complete demolition services.

In partial demolition projects, we remove part of a structure that has been carefully defined in advance. We fully guarantee the structural stability of the rest of the building throughout the demolition work. Complete demolition involves removing an entire structure, leaving nothing behind. The building must have been gutted first.

The demolition is carried out entirely in accordance with the requirements set down by the customer. Whether a partial or complete demolition, the highly qualified team at Prajo & Co conducts comprehensive project planning and ensures efficient execution.

Experience has taught us that a large share of total costs is incurred in disposing of the demolition materials and construction debris. With this in mind, we develop a disposal concept during the preparatory phase. Our experience with thousands of successful demolition projects stands us in good stead.

Prajo & Co therefore guarantees that your project will be completed in an efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly manner. We place particular emphasis on protecting the environment, separating materials properly and recycling.

Your contact for partial and complete demolition.

General Management Josip Slomo