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Internal demolition

Individual demolition measures.

Once a structure has been gutted, the next stage is usually internal demolition. We understand this comprises the safe demolition of load-bearing ceilings, walls, stairs and other structural elements.

For the professionals at Prajo & Co, safety is a top priority throughout such work. With this in mind, before we start the demolition itself, we need to accurately assess the building materials involved. We then plan corresponding bracing and safety measures – where the experience we’ve gathered over more than two decades is a significant advantage.

Using modern equipment, well-trained personnel and state-of-the-art techniques is self-evident. As a result, our machine park includes hydraulic excavators in various sizes. With models ranging from 800kg to 80t, we’ve got the perfect equipment for every demolition project.

We consider disposing of all materials in a professional and environmentally friendly manner essential to any successful demolition project. We can offer collaborations with our affiliated companies, who transport all materials efficiently and economically.

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Costing Management Niko Josipovic