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Interspar Floridsdorf

Facts and Figures
Company Prajo & Co GmbH
Principal SES Spar European Shopping Centers
Location Vienna - Austria
Type Demolition
Runtime 02.2015 - 07.2015

New room for the centre of Floridsdorf.

PORR subsidiary Prajo & Co started the demolition of an Interspar supermarket in the centre of Vienna’s Floridsdorf district in February 2015. The building featured seven storeys of which the three lower ones were used by the Interspar supermarket and as car parks. The lower storeys had been partially built in an open, column-supported construction method and the sides of the building were equipped with fire walls.

Not just the architectural conditions made the demolition work difficult. The building’s location directly adjacent to the district’s important traffic node also played an important role in the planning and implementation of the demolition work. Disturbances to traffic and local residents were to be kept to a minimum.

On top of that, the foundation slab, the outer walls and a part of the basement floor’s ceiling as well as the reinforced concrete walling of the sprinkler basins had to be preserved since the new building was to be erected on top of the foundation slab and the walls of the basement floor. The outer walls were protected by means of a reinforced concrete construction purposefully designed by Prajo & Co. All materials were disposed of in full accordance with the waste industry code.

In October 2015, demolition work ended successfully and the new building site in the centre of Floridsdorf could be handed over to the client.